Origin of Nohmi Bosai

The Huge earthquake tragedy of The Great Kanto Earthquake was the trigger of founder Mr. Teruichi Nohmi.

On the afternoon of September 1st, 1923, the Tokyo and Kanagawa areas experienced one of the biggest earthquake in Japan in the last 150 years.It is said that about 91,000 people were killed, 13,000 went missing and 104,000 were injured by the earthquake, which was later called Kanto Daishinsai. In particular, damage to the Honjyo area of Tokyo was so severe that between 38,000 and 42,000 people were killed and it was considered to be the most horrible scene that resulted from the earthquake. Our founder Mr. Teruichi Nohmi saw the tragedy with his own eyes and made up his mind to devote himself to developing fire prevention technologies . He explained his ideas as follows later in his autobiography;

"Forty thousand people were killed in that small area in an instant, not because of the earthquake but by fire. I understood that the power of fire was astonishing, at the same time preventing fire was a very important subject relative to our daily lives.
So I decided to immediately start researching into fire with righteous indignation."

Total losses due to the earthquake were estimated at approximately 6 billion yen, which was four times greater than the national budget of Japan that year. However, the tragedy did not capture enough attention from the general Japanese public, politicians, businessmen, economists or academic people who thought it was a special matter only for fire service.
That social tendency of the time also made decision of Mr.Teruichi Nohmi stronger.This is the starting point and the motivation for Nohmi Bosai, which has been living consistently in our minds.