Our Attitude toward Environment

To strengthen the response to environmental issues in our corporate activities, NOHMI BOSAI LTD. established its Environmental Doctrine and Basic Environment Policy and we are tackling environment preservation in whole company.

In addition, our production facilities, Mitaka and Menuma Factories built up the common environmental management system (EMS) which obtained the ISO14001 certification in August, 2001, and our factories implement continuous activities of the EMS.

Environmental Doctrine

To execute a mission of a pioneer in the fire protection industry, NOHMI BOSAI LTD. supplies latest, optimal and high quality fire protection equipment and services to protect life and property from fire and performs corporate activities in consideration of preservation of the global environment.

Basic Environment Policy

NOHMI tries to understand effects of its activities on environment, decides the concrete environment purpose and target within the technically and economically possible range and promotes continuous improvement in its environmental management system.

Observance of Laws and Regulations

NOHMI will observe laws, regulations and agreements related to environment preservation and try to prevent pollution.

Energy and Resources Saving

NOHMI will try to reduce the load on environment by promoting a saving of energy and natural resources, reuse, recycle and proper disposal of hazardous materials.

Products and Services Oriented toward Environment

NOHMI will supply products and services oriented to environment.

Company-Wide Understanding of Basic Environment Policy

NOHMI will make the Basic Environment Policy well known to all the employees and improve the awareness of environment preservation through training in workplace and internal PR activities.